Friday, October 01, 2004


I guess New York really IS Book Country

So last night we got to go to Gracie Mansion for the annual Mayor's reception, kicking off New York is Book Country - the 26th annual book country.

If you ever get the chance, GO to Gracie Mansion. A truly historic New York City landmark. When else would you be able to see Andrew Guiliani's bedroom?

But I digress. It really is beautiful. Author turnout is pretty good. Ian Falconer was there - he of "Olivia" fame, he of the NYIBC poster fame (yours for $15)

Book Country should be cool this year - down in Washington Square for two days.

We worked with Sophie Kinsella today, she of "Shopaholic" fame - my wife's favorite beach read. She conducted 15 television interviews via satellite. Damn those Amazon links are loooooong!

Personally, I'm reading Jon Feinstein's new book about Red Auerbach - oh you find it yourself, no more links today! - basically Red's stories over the years. Growing up in CT, I was a huge Celts fan in the 80s, during the era of "Legend Larry," McHale, Parrish and the rest of the gang. Getting me psyched for the upcoming basketball season.

Looking forward to getting Jon Stewart's book. I'm told it's funnier than the show itself.

Good weekend, everyone. Enjoy the pennant races!

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


To Publish or Perish, One Must Promote!

To Publish or Perish, One Must Promote!

This is a test for us all!

Let's check this thing out, shall we?

See if blogging is for us.

See if blogging is for you.

If so, we'll talk all about publishing

All about publicity

All about celebrities

All about

Stay tuned...

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